"if at any moment i begin to doubt myself, i reflect on the risk that the main characters not only take in real life, but in trusting me to make this film." - Director, Ned Donohoe


GREEN LIGHT is a story of desperation, redemption and compassion. Philosophically, I want this film to explore human beings and their unreasonable capacity for compassion, and contrast this with lagging governmental and societal structures.

We follow two Australian men, both with past drug and mental health issues, and explore their new found purpose through their assistance in providing medicinal cannabis to thousands of sick and dying patients. Swift and compassionate access schemes have yet to be implemented by the Australian Government, leaving these people with nowhere else to turn.

Gleaning from second-wave feminism of the 1960s, ‘The personal is political’  helps to justify this film’s primary focus on the human stories behind medicinal cannabis. Political and scientific context will be acknowledged, however, this film will prioritise what has proven to facilitate far deep social impact — incredible patient stories. Ultimately, I want to explore why the main characters are willing to risk their freedom to help those with nowhere else to turn.  

Despite being a documentary, this film will be made to look as cinematic as possible. The production will comprise of cinema verite, talking head interviews and beautiful environmental coverage of the Northern Rivers region. Inspired by the early works of filmmaker Werner Herzog, the beautiful landscape of Northern, NSW will itself be a character in the film – a constant reminder of what both main characters risk losing if incarcerated.

If at any moment I begin to doubt myself, I reflect on the risk that the main characters not only take in real life, but in trusting me to make this film. This has and will continue to be my greatest source of inspiration. Green Light has the potential to humanise a story that has for too long been politicised. As our main subjects say, “Once we’re out of business, we’ve done our job”.

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